The Joe Rogan Experience; How to conduct an interview


The vast amount of Podcasts I listen to are based on True Crimes or video games. I don’t know what it is, but the older I get the more I want to listen to True Crime stories. Slightly morbid? Maybe…but that’s a story for another day. The only relevant (as in ‘up to date’) show I listen to is The Joe Rogan Experience.

The Perfect Host

Joe Rogan is exactly what an interviewer should be; intelligent & articulate & informative. Not only that, but he sits down with all manner of people. From Travis Barker to Professor Brian Cox & everyone in between. This diverse mixture of guests is one of the many factors of why he’s such a pleasure to listen to. His latest episode features the notorious Alex Jones.

Alex Jones Returns

If you were to describe a stereotypical American, it would be very close to Alex Jones. He’s loud, he always sounds angry, he speaks twice the speed of most people, he’s very arrogant & a little obnoxious…cut him open and he will spill out Red, White and Blue. He’s pretty intense, but that’s what gives him character too. I just recommend you listen to him in small doses. Too much Alex Jones would leave you a nervous wreck.

The Best In The Business

What makes Joe such a good interviewer is the way he conducts himself, all the time. Regardless of who he is up against, he’s always cool, calm and collected. He’s none judgmental and very factually accurate (there’s no guesswork; he either knows or doesn’t, and if he doesn’t then he asks) and there’s no bias either. He has his opinion, and if it’s different to that of the interviewee its just accepted.

A Lesson For Everyone

In a world where blame and shouting and offence is used before logic, it’s refreshing to hear that there are people out there (like Joe) who prove that a civil conversation can be had, even if it’s with someone that you may not necessarily like or agree with.



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