WWE Maximum Sweat Action Figure


Today I take a look at a very strange action figure in from the late 1990s. 1999 to be exact. The license is WWE (or WWF at the time) & the line is called Maximum Sweat with the gimmick being, you fill your figure up with water, and watch as they perspire. Yup, it’s a strange one, but in the defence of Jakks Pacific, you can see why they did it. It was the Attitude Era after all.

So, without further ado…enjoy!

A Whispy Shadow Demon


In an attempt to improve my writing & scratch the creativity itch I’m going to attempt to write daily. Usually, I write when I’m feeling inspired…but that’s not that often anymore. So I’m going to prompt inspiration & see where it takes me. Today’s prompt is…

A Whispy Shadow Demon

My 6-year-old daughter is fearless. In her mind at least. Unfortunately, she has inherited her mother’s delusions of grandeur. She’s the best at everything and afraid of nothing. I love her very much, but this is an awful trait for ANY human to possess. But there you go.

Introducing Bendy

One day, while randomly flicking through Youtube I saw a thumbnail depicting (what I now know as) Bendy & The Ink Machine. For those of you who don’t know who or what this is, it’s basically (as Wikipedia will tell you)

An episodic first-person puzzle-action survival horror video game. The game follows Henry Stein, a retired animator who returns to his old animation studio from the 1930s, after an invitation from his old employer, and discovers a nightmare of cartoon characters seemingly brought to life by the titular Ink Machine.

It’s a wonderfully scripted game with iconic characters brought to life using a 1930s style of animation (think Steamboat Willie) I am slightly obsessed…but not as much as my daughter.

From Fear to Fandom

When she first saw him I could tell she was slightly suspicious of him. Yeah, he looked cute…but he definitely has a demonic look and feel to him too. I had no idea about him, so when she asked me who it was and what he did, I made up all kinds of horrific (or as horrific as I can be towards a 6-year-old girl) stories. Stories of how he would chase children in their dreams if they didn’t behave for their parents (I never said they were original stories!) And the usual ‘boogeyman’ tales we know and love.

The Journey Begins

One Friday night it was just me and her, and she asked me if I would tell her more about Bendy. I told her I would do one better. I hopped back onto YouTube and found some playthrough footage (without commentary) and we watched it together. Two hours later, she was in love. She was fascinated by each character & the journey they took. She instantly became a fan.

Curiosity Inspires The Kid

The very next day she wanted to watch it again, but this time she knew what to expect, so she was able to quiz me more on the plot and characters (she is only 6 years old remember) after another viewing she wanted to write about him (she’s an avid reader and I’m very proud to say she is reading at TWO levels higher than what she should be) so she did. Now, I’m not saying what she wrote makes any sense, but the passion is there. And nobody should ever mock or deny a passion to create, especially in a child. I will always continue to motivate and help push her creativity, because who knows where it will take her.

Thanks, Bendy.


I have this itch I just can’t scratch when it come to YouTube. Like, I want to make videos, but I just don’t have the equipment, software or editing skills to do something ‘good’. I say ‘good’ because there’s a lot of competition. But, I thought…bugger it. It’s for my own personal creative pleasure anyway, so why not.

Armed with my Motorola e5 play & Vlog Star I thought I’d give it a go…and here it is.


Top 5 Most Expensive Game of Thrones Funko Pops

Today, I am told, is a huge day for Game of Thrones fans, as it marks the beginning of the end of the series. While the hype is real, I thought I would take a look at the top 5 most expensive GoT Funko Pops, according to the trending values on the official Funko Pop app.

1) Ned Stark (Headless)

Released in 2013 this (now vaulted Pop) was an SDCC exclusive, and has a trending value of £1,605! I wonder if anyone has theirs out of the box…

2) Tyrion Lannister (scarred)

What I personally like about this pop is that it’s just a regular release. Not an exclusive, just a ‘bog standard’ 2013 release (also vaulted) I you’re wanting it now though, expect to shell out around £605 for it!

3) White Walker (Glow in the Dark)

This is the first on the list that isn’t actually vaulted! Another 2013 release, this time for HMV, the GITD ‘gimmick’ makes this pop one I actually want…but not for £474! I think I’ll pass…

4) Children of the Forest (Metallic)

This is the most recent release (2018) and a character(s?) I’m not familiar with. Fairly ‘plain’ given the crazy world of Westeros, but it’s still a Pop that claims a heavy chunk of your change if you want it in your collection. An HBO shop exclusive trending at £466!

5) Daenerys (White/Gold Dragon)

She’s only just made it onto the list, but it wouldn’t be complete without her. She’s the oldest pop to make the list (with a 2012 release) and is also unsurprisingly vaulted too. Good luck tracking her down, but if you do, expect to fork out around £298 for her.

If you have any of these pops id love to see them in your collection. Let me know on Twitter (@Baxterrat) and maybe I’ll showcase your glorious pieces in a future blog!

Until then


Butcher With A Smile

Issue 1


The Plot

Agents Taylor and Grey both work for a division of the FBI that is on the brink of closure. Despite being hot on the trail of a man killing femme fatal demon, the director of the FBI has had enough, and due to the lack of evidence (& the fact they unintentionally caused a death), he suspends both agents & throws them off the case. Will, they go with their gut and continue the hunt, or will this be just the beginning of a much larger complex case…

The Characters

Straight off the bat, this story had my attention. It’s like a mixture of the BPRD & X-Files but with ‘normal’ regular detectives. Early on you kind of get the feeling they were put onto the division & they don’t necessarily have any ‘superpowers’ or knowledge on the unexplained. It’s a good dynamic too. Both characters are nicely fleshed out & there are hints that they have been working together for quite some time. I particularly love the design/look of agent Grey, she has a very 2019 kick ass & stylish look about her, whereas agent Taylor is a lot more old school (aesthetically) but with a more modern view on life (no toxic masculinity or macho BS to be found anywhere)

The Demon

Not only have they nailed the look of her, but her history is intriguing (no spoilers) and so too is the constant creepy line do you think I’m pretty? Seriously, when you put it all together (in the context of the story) shes super messed up!

Final Thoughts

The art style is superb, the story is gripping & it moves at a nice steady pace. Recommended for the more mature reader given the sex & violence, but all in all, an excellent start to a very awesome story.

5 stars!


Epic Mickey Nintendo Wii

Sign of the Times

Being a ‘poor & starving artist’ a lot of…ALL of my video gaming is done ‘retro’ (I hate using that term on a machine that came out in the 2000s, but apparently that’s where we’re at) I don’t have a problem with gaming on a budget (hunting down seventh gen games in charity shops is one of my most favourite things to do) but just because it won ‘Game of the Year’ or scored high on Metacritic doesn’t mean I will personally enjoy it…

Motion Control Catastrophy

When the Wii first came out, the motion control was seen as (& probably ACTUALLY) groundbreaking. It was revolutionary…and a gimmick. The latter being the problem. I don’t mind a mini-game that requires a bit of tilting and shaking and ‘wand pointing’, but a full game? Maybe it’s just me, or maybe it just hasn’t aged well. Most probably, it’s both, because playing this game sucked.

The Pros

Before I get all negative Nancy, there are some things I enjoyed about it. The art is phenomenal (using many different styles) and the story has a real Disney/Mickey feel to it; it’s a magical adventure that slightly (and I mean slightly) takes me back to Castle of Illusion (legitimately one of the greatest games ever made) there are lots of things to collect and places to explore too. It’s a shame it handles so poorly…

The Cons

Simply put, it’s the gosh darn controls! If I’m not fiddling about with the lord awful camera (trying to get a decent angle while moving was near impossible, I literally had to stop, adjust the camera and THEN move) I was faffing about trying to get close enough to the items I needed to paint or thin (even trying to remember which was which was a tricky task at first, but that’s probably being more down to me)

I like my games to be, not necessarily fast action, but definitely smooth flowing. This was neither. As mentioned above, I would have to stop and position myself all too often before jumping or painting. It was a chore to play that literally left me with achy hands! (But again, that could just be me)

The Verdict

Was it good back in 2010 (NINE whole years ago!) We’ll according to IGN, yes (it was a ‘best of E3 2010 winner) but does it hold up now? For me…not at all. I would have loved to have played it back in the day to see how it felt back then, but we’ve come so far in the last 9 years or just simply doesn’t hold up in today’s market.

But what do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts (good or bad)


Top 3…Funko Pop Ideas

The Pitch

Advertising & mascots go together like chips & curry sauce. We may not like those pesky Meerkats, but we know what they’re selling. That’s the magic of advertising. One of Funkos MANY lines is such mascots. Given that they are a USA based company, the majority of the pops from said line won’t be as familiar to us Brits (& the rest of the world) so I thought it would be fun to share my personal 3 favourite mascots, and ones that would make the best pops. Have a read, see what you think, and let me know!

Churchill Car Insurance

A British Bulldog named after a beloved politician, voiced by Bob Mortimer…thats the most English sentence ever put together! He’s also (originally) a bobblehead toy. Bobbleheads (if you weren’t already aware) are a major part of Funkos history. This character makes complete sense to be turned into a Pop! Instantly recognisable and a guaranteed top seller.

PG Tips

If you can say Monkey without doing it in Johnny Vegas (wonderful) Northern accent, then you’re a better person than me. This is another character voiced by a great British comedian (Ben Miller) & one that is the more ‘posh’ & stereotypical English to Vegas Northern grunt. Making him into a Pop would be interesting to see as he’s not known for standing, so he’d be in a more ‘original’ pose (maybe sat crossed legged?) It would also be interesting to see if they gave him the ‘knitted’ look or keep it plain.

Old Speckled Hen

This one… this one’s a long shot. I can’t imagine for one minute that Funko would want to create a Pop based on a character that sells alcohol. But let’s pretend he doesn’t and just take him on face value…he’s a fox wearing tweed! So wonderfully British. Can you imagine how awesome that would look? In an alternative universe, they’d be able to do this AND have him hold a pint! But no. It’s a good character…just not exactly family friendly. Never mind eh.


Gimmie The Dirt

In The Begining…

I’ve been a metalhead since 2000. My ‘go to’ bands were Iron Maiden, Marilyn Manson, Rammstein & Slipknot (quite the selection I think you’ll agree) I’ve since expanded my taste in the last 19 years (punk, dubstep, a little pop, 90s nostalgia etc) but metal is my bread and butter. Of all the bands I’ve seen, listened to and love…Motley Crue was never on the list.

Red Hot

Now, obviously, I’ve always been aware of Tommy Lee & Co. But I was never a fan of hair metal. My mum loved Bon Jovi so I’d listen to him, but that’s as far as I’d go. The rest of the scene always seemed a little cheesy…how little did I know!

Kickstart My Heart

Fast forward to the present day and I am now HOOKED! Near OBSESSED with the band. And it’s all thanks to the Jeff Tremaine Netlifx original ‘The Dirt’ (a film based on the 2001 book of the same name) I don’t want to review the film because honestly…you HAVE to see it to believe it. It’s pure insanity! Great casting, great storytelling and a great vision. I am proof that you do not have to be a fan of the band to appreciate the work. What I do want to say is this…

The Future

I’m 36 years old and I have a new found love of a band that is no longer touring or even (as of this post) recording new music! I’ve watched a TONNE of Youtube videos about them. I’ve read article after article about them, and I’ve just taken in as much information as I can about them. This film alone has made me thirsty for more. Now…imagine I was 19 again and taking in all this ‘dirt’. The inspiration is astronomical. I guarantee I would want to start a band or write or even aim to direct my own flick. Their glory days might be behind them, but the bands and writers of the future they have inspired is an even greater legacy than their chaotic history. Jeff Tremaine is a genius and the band owe him a lot of love (which I have no doubt he gets) for creating such a masterpiece and something that has grown their fanbase exponentially.

Get it watched. You won’t be disappointed.


Slash Maraud

Number 1 of 6 (mini series)

November 1987

Have you ever started to read a comic (or book) and the words just don’t seem to sink in? Like, you’re saying the words…but they’re just words. They’re not conjuring up any imagery, they’re not making any sense…they’re just words. This is exactly what I’ve just encountered with this comic book. I’m actually lost for words at how bad it is.

The story… I couldn’t even tell you what the story is! I even went on a Wiki and nobody has filled it in there either! I don’t know the year, the place (i assume its an alternative dimension or alien planet, given that there is a mixture of humans, dinosaurs and aliens all living together) I don’t understand what the hero is doing…I just started to gaze off in confusion. Has anyone else done that? Or is it just me and my short attention span?

I don’t wish to be rude to the writer (I’m all about positivity & spreading the love) but yeah…this (in my opinion) was just terrible. I couldn’t get into it, didn’t understand what was going on…absolute mind melter.

Maybe you have read it and can tell me what’s going on. If so, let me know! I’m also intrigued to know whether anyone else has an attention span as short as mine. If a story doesn’t instantly grab my attention, then I just don’t see the point of carrying on. Harsh I’m sure, but that’s what you’re dealing with people.

Here’s hoping next weeks comic book picks are better.

Until then!


World Book Day; Joyland by Stephen King

In case you weren’t aware, today (March 7th 2019) is World book day. A day where we actively promote reading and really push literature. Children get to dress up as their favourite fictional characters and tell each other about their favourite stories and adults…well, should attempt to read at least one book. But life is hectic and finding time to sit down to do so is hard. You REALLY have to consciously make the effort. Even I struggled to read as much as I wanted to. But what I DO want to do is tell you all about MY favourite book. So if you struggle to delve into a book today, read this instead! It’s practically the same thing…honest!

Joyland (The Plot)

This story takes place in an amusement park in North Carolina at the beginning of the 1970s. Our hero of the book is Devin Jones, a young teen who lands a summer job as ‘carny’ at Joyland (the name of the amusement park) The person that interviewed him happens to be a fortune teller. She tells him that he will meet two children that summer. One is a girl with a red hat. The other is a boy with a dog. Both will play an integral role in his time there.

As stated, he lands the role and finds a place to stay close by. He also makes 2 new friends who are also there for the summer (Tom & Erin) the role in question is being the boy behind the mask (or costume in this instance) of the park mascot; Howie. He also works with longtime park employee Lane Hardy. Another key character in this intriguing story.

One day, while dressed as Howie, Devin saves a young girls life. She happens to be wearing a red hat. This gives the park some much needed positive publicity and also gives Devin the trust and appreciation of the park owner Mr Easterbrook.

As the story unfolds, so does the mystery of Joyland. Devin and co learn that, years prior, a girl had been murdered in the haunted house and her ghost is said to still haunt the ride today. Devin’s friend, Tom, sees the ghost, but Devin doesn’t, but he does become interested in the murder. He teams up with Erin who shows him pictures and articles, proving that it was in fact only one of many unsolved murders. Murders which had never been connected together by the police

Despite the summer being over with, Devin decides to take a year off from school and stay at the park during the offseason. During this time he becomes close to a woman (Annie) and her sick son (Mike) who he passes by daily on the beach…they also have a pet dog! Mike tells Devin that he too has seen the ghost which prompts Devin to realize that Mike is the second child in the fortune teller’s prediction. Devin convinces Mr Eastbrook to let Mike have a private tour of the park as he feels it will give it some more much-needed publicity. It also helps that he is on good books too.

During this tour…well, I really don’t want to continue! The final part of the book is SO good, and I really couldn’t do it justice. It’s got a nice twist to it, it delves in deep to the backstory of a character, there’s action… it’s genuinely a phenomenal read. It might not be what you think when you think of Stephen King, but trust me, its some of his best work (in my opinion) you really won’t be disappointed.

If you do end up reading it, let me know, of love to hear what you think of it. And if you have read it already, and can suggest a similar story for me to look at, please let me know!

Until next year!