The Pied Piper of Everett

I don’t like to use the Lord’s name in vain, but this one is deserving…God damn you, Brian Mariotti. No matter how hard I try to step away from Funko (pops in particular) he just keeps on tempting me in like the (wonderfully) geeky Pied Piper he is.

I’ve never met the man (almost certainly never will) but from what I’ve read, heard and seen of him he sounds like one of the most down to earth, chilled out, cool guys in the world. But God damn him (sorry Lord) for FINALLY getting The Office pops sorted. Of all the franchises & licences to REALLY get me in…its The Office.

Despite being a Brit, and a huge Ricky Gervais fan, The Office (US) is hands down the greatest TV show ever made. I can watch that show from start to finish and back again. Never gets boring, never gets old. One thing that does frustrate me though is the lack of merch. To be fair, why would there be (especially in the UK) But still, one could dream…

Ever since I was aware of Funko Pops (The Walking Dead: Bicycle Girl Zombie from 2012 being the very first one) I knew I wanted The Office characters in that form. Not only is there a Stella ‘regular’ main cast, but they each also have a plethora of alternate ‘versions of themselves too (Belsnickel and Recyclops anyone?) the possibilities are endless, and now, thanks to Brian Mariotti, my wishes are fulfilled…and my wallet is now empty (even before I started)

God damn your Brian Mariotti, God damn you indeed.



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