Butcher With A Smile

Issue 1


The Plot

Agents Taylor and Grey both work for a division of the FBI that is on the brink of closure. Despite being hot on the trail of a man killing femme fatal demon, the director of the FBI has had enough, and due to the lack of evidence (& the fact they unintentionally caused a death), he suspends both agents & throws them off the case. Will, they go with their gut and continue the hunt, or will this be just the beginning of a much larger complex case…

The Characters

Straight off the bat, this story had my attention. It’s like a mixture of the BPRD & X-Files but with ‘normal’ regular detectives. Early on you kind of get the feeling they were put onto the division & they don’t necessarily have any ‘superpowers’ or knowledge on the unexplained. It’s a good dynamic too. Both characters are nicely fleshed out & there are hints that they have been working together for quite some time. I particularly love the design/look of agent Grey, she has a very 2019 kick ass & stylish look about her, whereas agent Taylor is a lot more old school (aesthetically) but with a more modern view on life (no toxic masculinity or macho BS to be found anywhere)

The Demon

Not only have they nailed the look of her, but her history is intriguing (no spoilers) and so too is the constant creepy line do you think I’m pretty? Seriously, when you put it all together (in the context of the story) shes super messed up!

Final Thoughts

The art style is superb, the story is gripping & it moves at a nice steady pace. Recommended for the more mature reader given the sex & violence, but all in all, an excellent start to a very awesome story.

5 stars!


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