Slash Maraud

Number 1 of 6 (mini series)

November 1987

Have you ever started to read a comic (or book) and the words just don’t seem to sink in? Like, you’re saying the words…but they’re just words. They’re not conjuring up any imagery, they’re not making any sense…they’re just words. This is exactly what I’ve just encountered with this comic book. I’m actually lost for words at how bad it is.

The story… I couldn’t even tell you what the story is! I even went on a Wiki and nobody has filled it in there either! I don’t know the year, the place (i assume its an alternative dimension or alien planet, given that there is a mixture of humans, dinosaurs and aliens all living together) I don’t understand what the hero is doing…I just started to gaze off in confusion. Has anyone else done that? Or is it just me and my short attention span?

I don’t wish to be rude to the writer (I’m all about positivity & spreading the love) but yeah…this (in my opinion) was just terrible. I couldn’t get into it, didn’t understand what was going on…absolute mind melter.

Maybe you have read it and can tell me what’s going on. If so, let me know! I’m also intrigued to know whether anyone else has an attention span as short as mine. If a story doesn’t instantly grab my attention, then I just don’t see the point of carrying on. Harsh I’m sure, but that’s what you’re dealing with people.

Here’s hoping next weeks comic book picks are better.

Until then!



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