To Keith

I was 14 in 1997. That was the year I was first introduced to The Prodigy. I was sat watching TOTPs with my dad and Firestarter came on. I vividly remember being blown away by the visuals. I’d never seen anything like it before. Even my dad was left gobsmacked. The next day at school it’s all we spoke about. This was a true game changer when it came to music, and it opened up many doors for me.

I grew up in a very strict ‘no-nonsense’ household. My mum loved The Bay City Rollers, The Osmonds and Showaddywaddy, and my dad loved Joan Armatrading, Paul Simon and Otis Reading; heavy, angry, intense music was FAR from what we would listen to. So you can imagine the shock for them to see and hear this being played in the UK charts. I was at an age where I didn’t really like any music as such, but the imagery and intensity of Keith and The Prodigy lit a spark inside me that would stay hidden away until my late teens (when I finally felt able to express myself properly)

Their music and influence were with me throughout the whole of the 90s and 2000s, and they have influenced way more bands than I realised.

There is undeniable sadness to this situation, and I don’t wish to focus on his death or the reasons why etc so instead I think a celebration of their music is in order.

If you’re not familiar with The Lounge Kittens, then you will be after this. Three extremely talented ladies put together a Prodigy Melody Cover song that features all the hits mashed together to create one seriously glorious tune.

It’s ok to be sad at the loss of Keith, but celebrate all that he brought to the world too.


The Lounge Kittens


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