Marvel Team-Up Starring Spider-man & Blade

Volume 1

Issue 7

March 1998

The Story

Peter Parker is in school trying to complete a chem paper that’s due in 3 hours. He falls asleep at his desk & is woken up by his good friend Jose, the janitor. After a brief conversation (letting us know that there is some history between the two of them) Jose continues with his duties. Little does he know there is a vampire, a sun walker, hiding in the shadows. The vampire kills Jose, & Spider-man is left angry (at himself for not being able to save his friend, and also at the vampire for the murder its self)

The two of them take the fight outside where Spidey eventually gets the win just as the police turn up. He webs the vampire up and heads on home. While this is going on Blade is in the shadow watching it all unfold. He was the one who was sent to take down this Vampire, unaware that Spidey was in the area. But seeing as how he was, Blade let him do his dirty work for him. The vampire is arrested & taken to Rikers Island, only for Blade to then break him out of there and torture him on a beach until he gives up some information (the vampire cannot be killed by the sun, but he feels the pain of it as if it were killing him)

…this is when things start to get interesting…

Just after the Vampire had been experimented on (scientists working with Blade were trying to figure out what makes him different to other vampires) it turns out that he (like Blade) also has some human emotions. He reveals that in Austria, 1794 Dracula himself turned this vampire into the undead! Before that, he was Henry Sage. He had a wife and kid and Dracula took them away from him before turning him into the vampire he is today. Blade starts to empathise with this (once) man and just as we think Blade is ready to save him, Spider-man comes crashing through the window to kick both their butts.

You see, day(s?) prior, after the funeral of Jose, there was a news report telling us that a vigilante (Blade) had broken a criminal out of Rikers Island. Spidey is watching this news report and recognises Blade. He remembers Dr Strange telling him that Blade is based in New Orleans. So in order to avenge Jose’s death, Spider-man travels to New Orleans to track down both Blade & this vampire, and once again set the world to right.

Blade and Spider-man begin to battle while Sage escapes. Blade talks some sense into Spidey and they go track Sage down. They realise that Sage (the Vampire) was sent to ESU (where Peter Parker studies) to steal a special compound that was created by the Dean of the ESUs science department (this compound is what makes a Vampire a Sun walker)

Blade and Spider-man track Sage down to a graveyard. The story ends when Sage has Spider-man pinned down, ready to feast on him (as strong as Spidey is, Sage holds Spidey down as if he ‘were a baby’) Blade tries to talk him out of it but Sage won’t listen. The need to feast is all consuming and in the end, Blade takes him out and kills him before he turns Spider-man into the undead. We find out that the formula lets them walk in the sun, but it also brings back some of their humanity too.


Unsurprisingly, this was really good. I say unsurprisingly because…well its Blade and Spider-man! Two very awesome Marvel creations. The story is a little cheesy & dated at times (Peter Parker must reference The X-Files at least 3 times) and the initial conversation between Jose and Parker was clearly there to let us know the history between the two of them (making Spider-mans revenge justifiable) as well as having a final battle in a graveyard! but all in all, a great story and a very enjoyable read.

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